Monday, January 30, 2012


Disregard the post below. I was cranky.

I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Lord has blessed me in countless ways over the past few months. I know that I am supposed to be here at BYU right now, and it is so comforting to have that reassurance from the Lord as I go throughout daily life. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. It has changed me. I've had so many amazing experiences lately and am so thankful.

Some wonderful happenings as of late:

My best friend since I can remember received her mission call to Tacoma Washington! I love Kaile so much, and am so excited for her to serve a mission!! I'm going to miss her like crazy, (I'll have to find a new person to call first when I'm pumped/sad/mad/excited etc.) but I know that she is supposed to be doing this. I am so happy for her! Here's a picture of her calling friends after opening her call! She's a total babe, I know.

Jo's basketball game on Saturday. 40 to 13. Ballin'

Dayna called me on Facetime on Saturday. I was at home, so Josie, mom and I were lovin' life. 

I miss this handsome boy! Ignore my face. 

They were laughing at each other back and forth for about 5 minutes. It was so cute! I MISS THEM SO MUCH, AND I'M GOING TO BE ANNOYING ABOUT IT, SO DEAL WITH IT!

Intramural basketball is back! 

Sushi date with Christianne.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is how I feel about life right now......

Sorry for the unnecessary pessimism. WORST


Thursday, January 19, 2012

done with my homework...booya

Finished my homework so I feel like I can blog. 

I got instagram. It's fun. 

Kristen got her mission call!!! She's going to Minneapolis, Minnesota!!!!!

My babies moved to Chile :( and :)

I went to Arizona this past weekend for my cousin Sarah's wedding! I tried to take pictures on my phone as they were leaving the reception and they ran too fast for me to catch them so I got part of Sarah's arm...oops

Monday, January 9, 2012


Our second day in Orlando was spent at Disneyworld.

Jaynie saw some of her favorites at the parade. 

Teacups with Jaynie

This picture sums up the morning. That is me with my head on the table. We had some communication issues in the morning. That's all that needs to be said of that. 

After Magic Kingdom, which was way too packed, we went to Hollywood Studios. The roller coaster there (I forget what it's called but it is the Aerosmith one) was so fun! 

We met up with my parents and Steve's fam in Animal kingdom later in the day. 

waiting in line for Everest

A view of the roller coaster. SO FUN! It started out pretty mild, and I thought it was going to be kinda lame. Then it kicked it up and ended up being so fun!

 Javi and I went together one of the times we went on and Susie snapped our picture after hahaha (we are in the back)

I swear my niece was sitting next to me on this ride (look at Josephine)

Max really wanted to go on this dinosaur ride thing. It was pretty lame. This picture is hilarious though. This is when the T-Rex (Max got mad at me for calling it a T-Rex because apparently it's some other type of dinosaur. Looks the same to me so whatev) lashes out at you. Why was I the only one freaking out??? I screamed like a child and looked away as fast as I could. I died laughing when I saw the picture. It was scary people!!! I guess Josie was a little freaked out. Steve looks less than amused haha.

Ps. Josephine on roller coasters is the funniest thing I've seen/heard in my life. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

not me, not Hermione, you

We may have woken up at 3:45 in the morning to drive 6 hours to Orlando.

Day one in Orlando = magical

We started out at Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios (Thanks Susie for taking pictures)

WE WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a mega fan of Harry Potter! I have been wanting to go here for so long and the day finally arrived!!! SO GREAT! 

Hogwarts express. Hey Dayna.

Hogsmead. No butterbeer for me (the line was WAY too long). 


Was tempted to say lemon drop to see if the entrance to Dumbledore's office would open

To my disappointment there were no moving staircases. There were talking paintings, however. 

I'll see you all in potions.

Heyyyy Dumbledore

waiting in line in the castle

Sorting hat!



In line for the Hulk roller coaster

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alys Beach

Over Christmas break we went to Panama City, Florida. We stayed at a house close to the beach and partied it up Mags style! Lots of games were played. Lots of pictures were taken of the babies on my phone. Lots of Vampire Diaries was watched (just Dayna and me haha. Judge us. We are 16.)

Steve turned 28 when we were in Florida, so we went out to dinner and celebrated! Look at Vin haha

This picture makes me laugh so hard

We drove around to cute neighborhoods. This neighborhood is where the Truman Show was filmed. This is one of the houses I took a picture of before it got too dark. SO DANG CUTE!

We put on nail sticker type things, but they didn't last long with our sandcastle making. 

My Beetlejuice nails


Hangin by the pool

Hot tub was the perfect temperature. It was more like a bath. 


Vin at the beach

Neener at the beach

My little brother is cute, but really odd

Another day at the beach. Just playin with my Vin

Hello cupcake bun

Note Jayne and I in the background. Yeah, we are best friends.