Saturday, November 19, 2011

onions have layers


Yesterday I made stuffing for a Thanksgiving party (more on that later). Miss mom informed me that we have these goggles for cutting onions. bomb. 

Random: I noticed that a lot of the time I don't like having to go to sleep because that means I have to turn off my music (why I am currently still awake). This discovery made me realize I'm weird, but it also makes me happy. I love music :)

FYI: Elton John Pandora station is perfection.

Driving with my mom today was the best. We listened to XM radio on the 70's and 80's station on the way to the BYU football game, which is when we rediscovered this song. LOVE!

For you curious Porter cousins yes, I am wearing a cousins camp shirt from 7th grade. 


  1. um.. i love you and i'm so glad to know someone else wears goggles while cutting onions!

  2. I love you and I can't wait to hang out a million times with you over break!

  3. I have those onion goggles! They work wonders! You look so "Martha" in them!

  4. That last post was from Syd.

  5. You are hilarious. Love the goggles and the vintage t-shirt from 7th grade!

  6. I love that picture! I cut onions for Thanksgiving and my mom just made fun of me for crying instead of giving me lovely onion goggles--I think I will have a talk with her:) Love ya Kate! You really are the best!