Saturday, November 19, 2011

onions have layers


Yesterday I made stuffing for a Thanksgiving party (more on that later). Miss mom informed me that we have these goggles for cutting onions. bomb. 

Random: I noticed that a lot of the time I don't like having to go to sleep because that means I have to turn off my music (why I am currently still awake). This discovery made me realize I'm weird, but it also makes me happy. I love music :)

FYI: Elton John Pandora station is perfection.

Driving with my mom today was the best. We listened to XM radio on the 70's and 80's station on the way to the BYU football game, which is when we rediscovered this song. LOVE!

For you curious Porter cousins yes, I am wearing a cousins camp shirt from 7th grade. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maglebys Don't Do Stupid

My mom and I designated this as our family motto haha!

Every blogger needs a thanksgiving gratitude post. Am I right? I obviously can't list everything I'm grateful for in a blog post, so I'm just going to talk about my fam.
Dad: My dad provides for our family and makes sure that all of our needs our met. He is hilarious, but doesn't show it to everyone. It's like a special treat for those lucky enough to experience it. He is always serving other people and looks out for others. 
Mom: My mom is a rockstar. I don't know anyone quite as busy as her, yet she still finds time to do everything that she needs to for our family. She loves to have fun, and we have our occasional jam outs in the car (Billy and Elton even if the words aren't working on the sound system).

Javi: I don't think I've ever seen Javier without a smile on his face. He's always happy. He's always happy to be with the family and hugs everyone all the time haha
Susie: Susie is always making me laugh. She's so fun to have around. We enjoy a lot of the same things so it's fun to talk with her. 

Steve: My older brother and I get along really well. Even though we are 7 years apart, we hang out and have lots of fun together (at least I do haha). He is a great friend to me, and I can go to him with advice about anything, and he always has good suggestions. 
Dayna: Dayna is one of my best friends. She is a party! I always have fun with Dayna. I can talk to her for hours about anything and have a blast. She is such a great friend to me and is an amazing example to me.


Lauren: Lil miss is da best! I love Laur. We are both really weird and have the same sense of humor so every conversation we have is hilarious. We like pretty much all the same stuff, so we bond over cute things regularly. Lauren is also a best friend of mine. I can talk to her about anything (even awkward things that happen with my body that worry me about dying hahaha.......awkward)

Mike: I feel like Mike has been in my family for a really long time. He is really easy to talk to, and I feel so comfortable around him (probably too comfortable sometimes, like when I spank him). He's always willing to join in on the kitchen dance parties and the ipod sing alongs. We may have even gone to a dance party together (see above picture) when Lauren was on her study abroad 2 years ago.

Josie: Afro Sass makes my life more hilarious all the time. DIVA. I love watching her strut her stuff around the house as she sings to Selena Gomez. I also love having someone to watch all the movies with that I'm embarrassed to watch with people my own age. This weekend it was Prom.

Max: My little brother Max is the biggest sweet heart you will ever meet. He makes me feel like I am the best big sister in the world (I'm most certainly not) and is always showing love to me. LOVE HIM

This picture is old, but I love it. I love these two so much. They bring me so much joy and brighten even my darkest days (that makes me sound really depressed. Life is good!!).

I love my crazy Mags fam. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

If you're a bird, I'm a bird

Yeah, we took Halloween pictures on photobooth.

Ash and Christianne were country songs (so clever), and I was the bird.

Ashley said in this picture it looked like I was a bird that just found its prey....

So naturally I had to take a picture like this...


Get it? It's a gummy worm! I thought it was clever...maybe not hahaha

This Halloween was great. Our ward had a rockin dance party (you know I love a good dance party), and then some friends and I went in costume to get frozen yogurt. I'm still bummed that I missed the babies in full Halloween gear. Please look at Dayna's blog and see their costumes. I died. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kate Alexandra

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." Judy Garland

I am sitting here waiting for class to start and I just came across a sticky note on my computer that had this quote typed on it. I love it. It was exactly what I needed to hear today. 

Things I'm not: 
1. I am not the perfect student
2. I am not crafty or creative
3. I am not the ideal body type and am not the most desirable in appearance
4. I am not always happy and positive
5. I am not outgoing
I am NOT going to cry about it or get upset about it

Things I am: 
1. I am weird, silly and loud. 
2. I am that girl who listens to music 24/7 (even when I go to the bathroom and my room mates make fun of me every time). 
3. I am awkward. (I have reached the point where this makes me laugh rather than get upset.)
4. I am a faithful blog stalker. (I love learning about people and being inspired by the lives of other people. One thing about me is that I remember people and things in the lives of people. People fascinate me. That is why my major is perfect for me, and I leave class inspired almost every day)
5. I am dancing through life and singing my heart out. Does it sound/look good? Absolutely not. Will that stop me from doing it? Nope, so sorry. I view life as a musical. There is always a need for a spontaneous dance number or a random burst of music. 

I am me, and I love me. I am happy with who I am and recognize my worth as a daughter of God. Comparing myself to someone I'm not will never do me any good. I'm not perfect, and there will be times when I get discouraged and compare myself to others. It is a constant battle that every girl faces. I'm confident in myself and am learning to accept myself the way I am.