Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Friend Turns 21!!!

Yesterday baby friend (Kaile) turned 21! Ah weird! Kaile and I have been friends for 20 years! Yesterday we went up to Salt Lake for conference and celebrated her birthday. It was so fun! I have such great friends. Kaile is one of those amazing friends!

She and I NEVER take pictures and I'm at my cabin so I don't have access to the pictures that I could put up so old pictures that you've already seen will have to do.

Some of my favorite memories with Kaile:

Playing boat, beat the boys, and PP and AG
Acting out The Parent Trap (I was the dominate one in the relationship and would always pick to be Hallie cause I thought she was the cool one. I was kinda fierce as a child. Sorry Kai)
Me doing cartwheels in my front yard every time Kaile left my house
Trick-or-treating every year with our dads
Horseback riding (I MISS THIS SO FREAKING MUCH!)
Hiding from my parents when they'd come to pick me up from her house
Sleepovers and birthday parties
Fashion show (tea party ladies)
Kaile was my good luck charm for soccer and basketball games
She came to my school musicals. Obviously she had to come scope out the man candy (Kai, you know you know you know ;) hahaha)
Car rides on the bumpy road
Primary chaos, achievement days and performing in ward Christmas programs/You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (we're gonna find a way to get that online haha)
Code names for boys, crushing on the same boys (PH), and horse boyfriends/HRC
Singing/dancing and recording videos before I moved
My summer visits to Maryland after I moved (love doctor)
Calleva (cardboard kingdom, queen of dairy, rafting/sampler)
Calling each other on Christmas every year
Kaile's visits to Utah
College mems

LOVE YOU KAILE! I hope your day was amazing!!!!!


  1. parker hudson. i know that's it.

  2. haha GROSS pictures. but I love this post :) thank you so much! so many of those I had totally forgotten about.