Wednesday, September 14, 2011

life is beautiful

So today was our first basketball game (I'm out of shape to the point where it's kinda hilarious)... I also had to write a thought paper for mission prep. Because I had basketball on the mind, I wrote about my experience quitting my team senior year. It was such an amazing experience that very few know the true details about. I wish it was blog appropriate because I would totally share. If you are curious you can ask me. Put simply the Lord knows our needs and knows how to use us to help others overcome struggles. 

I feel so much gratitude right now. I am blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the gospel and am so privileged to have it in my life. I love my Savior so much, words cannot come close to describing. At several points in my life thinking of my Savior has been the only thing that has gotten me through my hard times. The gospel brings me so much peace (if you know me, you know that peace is something I am often in need of). I am so happy right now, and know that everything in my life will work out.

My family was made whole June 9, 2010. That day in the temple was the best experience of my life. I cannot imagine life without the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Some previous experiences that I've been thinking back on:


  1. Kate Magleby, You are AMAZING. I'm glad I got to read and hear the whole story (mostly) :) LOVE YOU!

  2. this post was amazing and so are you!!!