Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's too early to come up with a decent title

I love happy things (that sounded really intelligent haha). This song make me happy, so I'm sharing. Sophie showed me this song, and I used to listen to it when I'd walk to school last year. I love happy jams that get me excited for the day. It's amazing how much music can change my mood. Being the psycho anxious freak that I am (that was probably too harsh, but mostly true hahaha) having a music outlet is necessary. You'll usually find me walking around campus with my big headphones on (I stole them from my family's portable DVD player because mine are broken haha) holding back from bursting into a serious dance party. I am grateful for music and how it can change my mood so easily from sad to happy. 


  1. hah funny you say that because yesterday when i was driving i saw you walking and you had those headphones on!! you looked awesome in them! haha. it looked like you were listening to some good music because you were moving your head up and should've broken out in dance right in the middle of the crosswalk!! ps. you looked really cute.

  2. I love this song! This was my high school jam! He's from the bay area. Listen to "Blessed", it will change your life