Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I apologize now for the lack of picture. I ran out of space on my blog for pictures and have to figure out how to change that. 
Life is hard, but I need to remember the wonderful blessings I have. No more pity Kate parties.

Reasons why my life rocks:
-I finished the book for my class and can start to breath a little bit again.
-Biggest Loser starts TONIGHT! BOOM YEAH! (this also means I'll see my babies tonight at Steve's while we watch it)
-I have a lunch date with the cutest human tomorrow (you all got excited for a second there thinking it was a boy didn't you? Nope, I'm going out with Sophie, a girl, who is related to me hahaha)
-SO MANY tender mercies have been happening in my life lately. I know I was supposed to be here instead of London this fall. It makes me giddy just thinking of everything. Life rocks!
-I got to help with my sister in law's sister's wedding this weekend (always so much fun!) Speaking of this wedding watch this video of my sister in law and her sisters that they performed at the wedding dinner the night before. I wish I could have seen this in person. It's hilarious!
-I get to play basketball again tomorrow
-Fall is coming which means I'm almost 21 (still deciding if that's a good thing, I'm thinking it is)
-School is kickin' my rear BUT I am meeting so many awesome people in my classes. There is the CUTEST lady in one of my classes who is always smiling. It makes my day every time I see her in class.
-Learning how to deal with my anxiety and am SO EXCITED about it.
A million other things that I would say, but I gotta go learn about Terrorists.

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  1. You are absolutely amazing my friend! Miss Positive Award! LOVE YOU! And Lil' Dribblers will dominate tonight! Whaaaat?!?! :)