Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Team Mags!

On Saturday some members of my family ran the Dirty Dash. SO FUN! I am not a runner. I get bored and can only enjoy it if it's involved with a sport. I LOVED this race though. There were obstacles that kept me interested, and let's be serious who doesn't love getting caked in mud? Team Mags had so much fun in our matching Calle shirts. Throughout the race I kept yelling "Yeah team Mags! Let's go team Mags!" which kept me pumped up! I loved it!

Thanks Javi for taking pictures for us!

Susie, Mike, Laur, Dayna, Steve, mom and me toward the end of the race

Steve leadin' team Mags up the last hill

We all held hands (awww) at the end jumping into the giant mud pool. 



Crossing the finish line!

I thought I only had one black sibling. I was obviously wrong.

I'm weird. It's fine.

Jumping pic!

If you know us you know that we LOVE Biggest Loser (BL). As we were walking out Steve was all '"Look it's Moses! Look!" I was confused and was looking for someone dressed up. Then I saw him!!! I was star struck and didn't say anything, and then he walked past me. I was so bummed. THEN I turn around and see Lauren looking at Moses. She yelled out "oh my gosh! MOSES!" He then looked at her and they started talking. I obviously came over and joined in on the conversation. Then we got a picture with Moses and his daughter Kaylee. Thanks for being embarrassing Lauren, so we could get this picture!

Later that night we celebrated Lauren's birthday at CPK


Monday, September 26, 2011


I love my family. I love that we have evolved from this......

to this....
(minus Vin cause I can't upload new pictures)

Love this crazy multi racial family of mine. I can't wait for the time when I'll get to start my own. I've been blessed with an amazing family. I'm so lucky to live so close to all of them!

Birthday shout out to Lauren who turned 25 yesterday!
Thanks for being the best big sister anyone could ask for! You do so much for me and are such a great example to me! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I apologize now for the lack of picture. I ran out of space on my blog for pictures and have to figure out how to change that. 
Life is hard, but I need to remember the wonderful blessings I have. No more pity Kate parties.

Reasons why my life rocks:
-I finished the book for my class and can start to breath a little bit again.
-Biggest Loser starts TONIGHT! BOOM YEAH! (this also means I'll see my babies tonight at Steve's while we watch it)
-I have a lunch date with the cutest human tomorrow (you all got excited for a second there thinking it was a boy didn't you? Nope, I'm going out with Sophie, a girl, who is related to me hahaha)
-SO MANY tender mercies have been happening in my life lately. I know I was supposed to be here instead of London this fall. It makes me giddy just thinking of everything. Life rocks!
-I got to help with my sister in law's sister's wedding this weekend (always so much fun!) Speaking of this wedding watch this video of my sister in law and her sisters that they performed at the wedding dinner the night before. I wish I could have seen this in person. It's hilarious!
-I get to play basketball again tomorrow
-Fall is coming which means I'm almost 21 (still deciding if that's a good thing, I'm thinking it is)
-School is kickin' my rear BUT I am meeting so many awesome people in my classes. There is the CUTEST lady in one of my classes who is always smiling. It makes my day every time I see her in class.
-Learning how to deal with my anxiety and am SO EXCITED about it.
A million other things that I would say, but I gotta go learn about Terrorists.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's too early to come up with a decent title

I love happy things (that sounded really intelligent haha). This song make me happy, so I'm sharing. Sophie showed me this song, and I used to listen to it when I'd walk to school last year. I love happy jams that get me excited for the day. It's amazing how much music can change my mood. Being the psycho anxious freak that I am (that was probably too harsh, but mostly true hahaha) having a music outlet is necessary. You'll usually find me walking around campus with my big headphones on (I stole them from my family's portable DVD player because mine are broken haha) holding back from bursting into a serious dance party. I am grateful for music and how it can change my mood so easily from sad to happy. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

life is beautiful

So today was our first basketball game (I'm out of shape to the point where it's kinda hilarious)... I also had to write a thought paper for mission prep. Because I had basketball on the mind, I wrote about my experience quitting my team senior year. It was such an amazing experience that very few know the true details about. I wish it was blog appropriate because I would totally share. If you are curious you can ask me. Put simply the Lord knows our needs and knows how to use us to help others overcome struggles. 

I feel so much gratitude right now. I am blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the gospel and am so privileged to have it in my life. I love my Savior so much, words cannot come close to describing. At several points in my life thinking of my Savior has been the only thing that has gotten me through my hard times. The gospel brings me so much peace (if you know me, you know that peace is something I am often in need of). I am so happy right now, and know that everything in my life will work out.

My family was made whole June 9, 2010. That day in the temple was the best experience of my life. I cannot imagine life without the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Some previous experiences that I've been thinking back on:

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yes, I still have a crush on him. Cameron just added this video the other day, and I had to share.

Just realized he has an alien on his guitar strap! It's obviously a sign that we are destined to be lovers because.....

Friday, September 9, 2011


Making tough decisions sucks, but once they are made I feel so much peace. Today I feel peace and have decided to let go of what is holding me back. Happy = Kate Mags

I seriously just want to dance around. I am super pumped!

"A lively tune...I'm inspired to dance!" (A quote from one of my favorite movies, and it applies so well to how I'm feeling. Name that movie, and we'll hang out and watch it.)

Oh my gosh I feel so awesome right now!!!!!!!! Sorry I am just happy :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can't either

Fall is comingggggggggg (iphone picture from 2008)
Because fall is coming!!!!!! here are some summer highlights

Living at home = twins with Max (photo curtesy of Josephine's ipod)

The time we went to open gym thinking it was that night, and it wasn't then Britt and Kristen changed leaving me as the only one looking like a man....

Girls night

Partyin' it up at my sister's 10th birthday party

Ghana (one of the million photos that I didn't post)

Last time at Farview....ever

Nicole's wedding!! 

Eye infection....did I really just post this picture?


hiking/looking ugly with the baby friend

Obsessing over my babies....some of the many photo booth pictures

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Face

I found these pictures on Brittany's computer from the senior dinner dance. Hi babies