Monday, July 4, 2011

i hate coming up with titles

Yes, I got a hair cut after this trip

Holly and Jed off in the distance

While at the beached we saw this HUGE iguana come running out of the bushes. Suddenly all of the workers were chasing it with machetes and huge knives. Someone caught it and all of a sudden they were hacking at it. YEAH! I watched a giant lizard get murdered! I may have serious ptsd after witnessing something so traumatizing! We were staying at a turtle preservation park, so we think maybe they killed it so save the turtles. I don't know. It was insane though.

Something was funny?

Can someone teach me how to laugh and look cute while doing it?


dance party

I think this is the most hilarious picture of me ever. What the freak?

After swimming we grabbed some lunch.

I took Emma's sunglasses and her camera without her knowing and snapped this picture. Brilliant.

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  1. you are a babe and i want to hear more about this trip! it looked so fun!