Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Picture overload

These are from this morning....

Mom being a cute grandma

Jayne tickling her mom


Does Baby Gap need a new model?


Jayne takes after her uncle Max when it comes to liking this dinosaur book. Apparently my little brother wants to be a paleontologist. He's going through a Jurassic Park phase. I love it. 

 Love this little menace 

I told her to do her sleepy face, and this is the result

She was hiding hahahahahaha!

Up to no good

Daddy coming in for the attack

This reminds me of one of those pictures where the swimmers legs are shown under water, and they don't know a shark is coming to attack. Jaynie didn't know she was a goner. 

After she realized her dad was coming to get her

She had no hope for escape

Vin in his swing

Oh girl wassup

Pointing to the wrapper saying "bears!"

Ok, sorry I'm done now. There are more pictures to post, but I have a LONG day of travel ahead of me tomorrow, so I'm getting to bed now.

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