Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday at the market

Vivian is the best negotiator I have ever seen. She wouldn't let anyone even try to take advantage of us, and when they did she let them have it. SO funny. 
Kwasi said he heard a guy say "you can't fool white people" to someone trying to sell us something for too high of a price. I'm glad Kwasi still understands the local dialect cause that's a hilarious thing to overhear 

I'm the creep in the corner 


This guy must sit and memorize maps. He asked which state we were from and when we said Utah, he listed about 5 different cities in Utah. He told us the name of his shop was the Provo shop to try and get us to go to it. We went, and I bought a little elephant carving from him for his creativity in luring us in. We decided to call him Provo man. He was a pretty funny guy. 

Provo man leading us to the Provo shop


Just having a dance party by myself?

Soph and Jonah outside of Bob Marley's studio

"Rasta man" as he is called by my family creates beautiful carvings. We went to go see the nativities that the Foutz's had made by him. So pretty! This is Sophie and I outside of his little store.

Soph was lovin' her purchase from the market, a coconut purse. Pretty cool not gonna lie.

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