Saturday, June 11, 2011

50 years young

When I was gone my mom turned 50. My family surprised her with a party, and I missed it. I'm still sad about it. Oh well, I had a blast in Ghana so I'm not complaining. Because I was going to be gone, I decided to put myself in charge of putting together a slideshow of my mom's life. That's where I got these gems. Happy belated birthday mom. You're cute.

The genes that skipped me. Why wasn't I cute at this age?

A reminder for you all of how I was looking at about the same age....ew (ok, I did pick out a really hideous one, but I had to make my point)

cheerleadin' like a champ (she's the flexible one)

 regulation hottie

my parents at a school dance




  1. Kate! I miss you! And i can totally see your face in some of those pics of your mom! You're beautiful! :)

  2. Gems indeed! Your mom was adorable then (remember, I knew her back in the day) and she's still GORGEOUS! Happy 50th, Monette! Forever young, that girl.

    Kate, you are darling and HILARIOUS!!! Your posts always crack me up. I love the photo of you and your dad! You look so mischievous and he looks so THRILLED to be watering the plants or whatever - ha ha. Oh Eric...

    Their wedding picture is so beautiful! YOU are beautiful, Kate.