Thursday, June 30, 2011


Right after the castle we hopped back in the van and drove to go do the canopy walk. 

Sophie took a picture pretending to sleep. I clearly know what's up.

Ready to do this thangg

There were lizards everywhere

 The rest of the series got deleted. This is all that remains

me, Sophie, Jonah

Movin' along the canopy

That bruise was there the entire week and is driving me crazy in all these pictures.

The ropes came down lower, so I chose to duck.

note my pose in the background hahaha

"she chose downnnnnn"

Jed and Holly

Kwasi was haulin' 

I guess we were kinda high up.

Killer ants!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cape Coast Castle

We woke up early in the morning and ventured off to this slave castle. 

such a pretty view

love this

The female slave dungeon was the section that made me the saddest. Standing where the slaves were kept was so surreal to me. 

me in one of the dungeons

 peeking down into the dungeon that drops about 20 feet into the ground

me with del

so sweaty

Our tour guide was really dramatic. He was talking about the door of no return and he was all, "surely though this time...we shall return" hahaha

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peace's House Round 2

As mentioned before I had a dress made while in Ghana. This is us trying to figure out the designs that we wanted. I am  pointing to the one I went with.

At different spots during the trip we would stop and give kids calle balls to play soccer with. We spotted these kids playing with a tennis ball. 

So....we pulled over and gave them one. It was hilarious to see the tennis ball they were playing with get kicked off into the bushes. 

"snap me" is what he I did

We hit up Peace's house for another go around. It was so much fun! We gave the kids different toys and showed them how to play with them. They were loving it. 

we did different games with the parachute...

Kwasi and I battled it out in the potato sack race. If I had won I'd probably brag to you all at how awesome I am ;)  This is not the case, however. I suck at these races. My hair completely fell out from giving it my all though, so at least I tried. (in the picture it looks like I'm winning)

The cook was loving all the games and wanted to get in on all of them. Here she is in the potato sack race getting pushed along by Sandra.

Sandra may have pushed a little to hard hahaha

everyone got a good laugh out of it at least

Del and I love each other

Emma creeping on her fave, Johannas hahahaha

Sandra and Kwasi playin soccer

my face bahahahaha

Me with Deborah, Jessica, Abinah, Johannas, Peace and Sandra creeping at the bottom

Showing Abinah her picture that I took of her "looking like father Christmas" (she just put a cone on her head. Sandra took a few also like that, but they are on my mom's computer and I don't have the patience to email them to myself. 


sweaty and's who we be

Emma loves violence

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday at the market

Vivian is the best negotiator I have ever seen. She wouldn't let anyone even try to take advantage of us, and when they did she let them have it. SO funny. 
Kwasi said he heard a guy say "you can't fool white people" to someone trying to sell us something for too high of a price. I'm glad Kwasi still understands the local dialect cause that's a hilarious thing to overhear 

I'm the creep in the corner 


This guy must sit and memorize maps. He asked which state we were from and when we said Utah, he listed about 5 different cities in Utah. He told us the name of his shop was the Provo shop to try and get us to go to it. We went, and I bought a little elephant carving from him for his creativity in luring us in. We decided to call him Provo man. He was a pretty funny guy. 

Provo man leading us to the Provo shop


Just having a dance party by myself?

Soph and Jonah outside of Bob Marley's studio

"Rasta man" as he is called by my family creates beautiful carvings. We went to go see the nativities that the Foutz's had made by him. So pretty! This is Sophie and I outside of his little store.

Soph was lovin' her purchase from the market, a coconut purse. Pretty cool not gonna lie.