Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lemme do some hatin'

Things that I don't like:

-Red Sour Patch Kids
-People who hate on Provo. You chose to go to school here so shut up and stop complaining. Annoying.
-The lines that get left after you take off a bandaid
-The use of the words: epic and legit...(overused and annoying)
-Saying my full name (well, minus the middle name). I don't know why, but I do not like saying Kate Magleby when someone asks my full name or anything. I dunno. I'm weird.
-The happy birthday song: blah blah blah.... I hate that song. The worst is when someone slow starts it out so it just drags on and on.
-Merging onto the freeway. I don't do the freeway.
-How shy I am. I chickened out of auditioning for the city musical even though I wanted to be in it REALLY bad!
-Annoying elementary school boys who think they are so cool by sneaking in to do the cakewalk at the carnival without paying. (I was in charge of the cakewalk if you can't tell hahaha)
-Embarrassing things that just make me feel bad for people (American Idol auditions, America's Funniest Home Videos etc)
-Knives. Whenever I'm putting away a clean knife I yell to everyone in the kitchen that I have a knife and am in motion so I don't cut off someone's thumb/stab a child
-The fact that people around here wear jeans to wedding receptions. What the heck?

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe some will come to me later...
A few things I do like:



I hope this video works. Sorry, us Maglebys are weird. And to Dayna, I am sorry for teaching your child to be creepy like this. I do find it hilarious though.

DANG IT! I just checked and it cut off the end of the movie. Whatever it's still cool.


  1. Jeans to weddings still blows my mind. Witnessed it this weekend at a reception at the Grand America. Come ON, people!

  2. Amen to the hating on Provo. Little boy cheaters bug....I've had too many cub scout days... and jeans to weddings? Seriously...I'm diggin you list, but I really don't think you're shy, you're just faking it. ;)