Thursday, April 28, 2011

Josephine has really great skin

My little sister and I are currently knocking back and forth to each other through the wall that divides our rooms. It's good to be home for the week :)

The sister

 My other sisters...

Aunt Lala

My brothers at Vincent's baby blessing a few weeks ago (what is Max doing to Vin?)

Laur and Javi are besties 

 Me and the brotha pre hair cut. His hair is so much cuter now. He looks so grown up though :(

By popular demand another picture of me in my pillow stuffed tall t

Caleb and Jo loving each other (note the cookie in caleb's hand it's important)

Caleb's face stuffed with Circus Animal Cookies even though he claimed he didn't like them!

Caught red handed!
 We're probably the weirdest ever, but it's fine.

Basically this post was an accumulation of the prettiest (ugliest) pictures I could find from conference weekend (plus the one of my brother's at the blessing). Embrace it. We do.

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