Tuesday, March 1, 2011

breathe in breathe out

“[D]eal with the matter directly and with all the strength you have. “Hold on thy way” (D&C 122:9); giving up is not an option. And, without delay, turn to the Lord. Exercise all of the faith you have in Him. Let Him share your burden. Allow His grace to lighten your load. We are promised that we will “suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ” (Alma 31:38). Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually” (Donald L. Hallstrom, “Turn to the Lord,” Ensign, May 2010, 78-80).
Man, life can be so hard sometimes. I am learning so much right now about myself. I love my Savior so much for His willingness to help me carry my burdens. I don't need to be specific cause this is a public blog, but I am seriously having the hardest time of my life right now. I am so grateful that I have a loving family and a loving Father in Heaven to help me press forward. I am so incredibly blessed in so many ways. 
Today I'm especially grateful for my friend Kristen. She is so loving and builds me up in so many ways. The other day I was having a really rough night. Kristen randomly texted me, and I know it wasn't a coincidence. I am so thankful for righteous friends who listen to the promptings of the Spirit to help others in need. I hope that someday I can be half of the amazing friend that Kristen has been to me. 
Right now I just need to focus on becoming my best self. I need to lose myself in the service of others and find the happiness that I deserve. I am so sorry for all of my emotional posts over the past month or so. I just have moments where I have to publicly express my gratitude. 

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  1. Kate, I hope everything is ok, we should talk :) I just wanted to let you know I love ya! and your right if we can lean on the Lord and have faith He will always be there for us!