Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Greatest Love

Our Savior's Love
Our Savior's love shines like the sun with perfect light,
As from above it breaks thru clouds of strife. 
Lighting our way. It leads us back into his sight. 
Where we may stay to share eternal life. 

The Spirit voice of goodness, whispers to our hearts
A better choice than evil's anguished cries
Loud may the sound of hope ring till all doubt departs, 
And we are bound to him by loving ties.

Our Father, God of all creation, hear us pray. 
In reverence awed by thy Son's sacrifice
Praises we sing. We love thy law; we will obey.
Our heavenly King, in thee our hearts rejoice.

Text: Edward L. Hart

My grandma shared a hymn that she wanted someone to sing at her funeral. I think if I were to pick one today for mine it would be this one. 

I love my ward so much. I had such a great experience at church today. We sang this hymn in sacrament meeting, and I couldn't help but get a little emotional. Our Savior truly does love every one of us. Not only did He die for us but He lived for us. I need to start living for Christ more and stop worrying about myself. Every single message and lesson given in church today was something that I needed to hear. It's amazing how Heavenly Father knows of my needs and what messages were necessary for me to hear today. 

Sorry for all of the intense blog posts lately. I've just felt so much gratitude lately for the knowledge that I have of the gospel of Jesus Christ and needed to share. 

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  1. Can i just say i LOVE your blog??! I love all your wonderful insights and also all your random yet awesome posts. :)