Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Man Turns 20

20 years ago my favorite human was born! I was just minding my own business livin' the life in California. Little did I know that January 30 would become one of my favorite days (obviously I didn't know because I was only 4 months old but whatever work with me here). Meet Mr. Leb:

Caleb and I had an awkward beginning of him thinking I was a freak creep. About 3 years later I was able to clear things up and he realized I'm decently cool, and we've been best buds eva since! Happy birthday Caleb!!

One time we went to prom. It was fun.

When I went to Caleb's brother's wedding with him. 

Little graduates

4th of July 2009

Caleb surprised me and came to my dorm Halloween thingy. I was a bee.

Date up to temple square

Us being ugly