Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 24 Can't wait to be done with this thinggggg

Last five facebook statuses: 

1. I guess people are changing profile pictures to cartoons from their childhood. Loved Princess and the Goblin.
2. Just helped my room mate zip up her WEDDING DRESS so she could show it to me!! I love weddings and Joy Sarr 
3. Dear life, 

Stop being so complicated.


4. Ynna Padilla is supacute
5. Glee Christmas cd :)

1. I seriously loved this movie when I was younger. It wasn't my favorite cartoon, but I had to pick one that wasn't being used by everyone. 
2. Joy is getting married on Thursday! So excited for her!
3. My life is great but complicated hahaha 
4. Ynna Padilla is a hacker, but she is still supacute
5. I LOVE Glee music.

Our Christmas card picture from when I was 12. I think this is right before Stevie left on his mission. 

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