Friday, November 5, 2010

Favorite Season

Fall is easily my favorite season. I LOVE when the leaves change and the air gets just a little cold. My heart aches knowing that it will soon come to an end :( I didn't fit in nearly enough fall activities this year. The only evidence that i have of enjoying fall 2010 are the pictures of us in the leaves and my history on my computer that shows I watched Double Double Toil and Trouble on youtube (alone on a saturday go ahead and judge me. I'll do it again). One thing that I miss SO much about living in Maryland is the real fall. You think the leaves here are pretty? You have no idea. I loved having a forest in my backyard. Besides making an awesome location to pretend to be at summer camp it was SOOOO pretty. Too bad I was a lame child and didn't recognize how beautiful it was there. I haven't had a Maryland fall since Steve and Dayna's wedding 4 years ago. Sadly, life goes on haha. At least here there's still Sundance fall which is pretty dang spectacular. 

I love fall and Nicole

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  1. I know what you mean about East Coast falls. It's so different than Utah fall! Looks like you got some good leaves to roll around in though. :)