Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 19-I'm getting sick of this thing

Nicknames I have and why:

Kamangas: Sophie made this up. She got this from the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire hahaha.
Katherine: NO MY NAME IS NOT KATHERINE; I am just Kate but some of my friends still call me Katherine.
Katesta/the pastey katesta: I thought this was cool when I was little until I learned that pastey means pale...Uncle Dave started this one
Katers: Chuckie calls me this
Katephernie: Mike calls me this....no idea where he got it but whatevs
Katy did: Grandpa Porter calls me this
Katie-doo-dah; Doo-dah: Don't know who made it up, but I've been called this since I was really little.
Gazelle: Apparently I take really long strides when I run so my basketball team called me gazelle
One that will not be mentioned: Brittany Davies came up with this one. No more.

I am usually the giver of nicknames, and I can't think of all of mine right now. Maybe some more will come to me.

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