Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 12

Dunno who introduced me to blogger...dumb one

Saw Harry Potter and loved
Get to make a pie tomorrow in cooking class (I am getting domestic)
Still obsessed with Nicole
Playing basketball EVERY day this week on break. People (you know who you are) COME JOIN!
Two openings in my apartment: one room mate is getting married and the other doesn't exist in this apartment and is moving out (I think I last saw her 3 weeks ago)
My life kinda got really complicated all of a sudden
Lauren and I set up a wedding in California last weekend that Laur planned. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! If you know people getting married send them our way. You can see a few pictures on Chuck's blog
Can't think of anything else: had Billy Joel's Don't Ask Me Why on repeat this past week. I just love that song.
MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF ALL TIME! Max and Moe back when we lived in Maryland. Before my mom got the camera Max had his arm around Moe. I miss my puppy! He's almost been gone two years :(

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