Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1

Picture of myself. Thought this was appropriate because Thanksgiving is coming up.

15 Facts about me

1. If you want to be my instant friend play with my hair. 
2. I make this really weird noise (my mom calls in my chortle) at random when walking around the house or around animals. 
3. I love Mary Kate and Ashley movies. They are cheesy, ridiculous and fabulous. 
4. When I lived in Maryland I took horseback riding lessons. I did jumping and all the fun stuff. I miss it so much and am sad that I stopped when I moved to Utah. 
5. I am SUPER shy and it takes me a while to warm up to people. I didn't feel comfortable around girls in the dorms last year until about March (like 7 months after I moved in... YIKES). 
6. I could watch family videos every day and not get sick of them. 
7. I love sudoku, especially when I'm doing them in my grandma's hammock in Vermont. 
8. I stalk wedding/design blogs and drag cute photos to my iphoto. I have a folder dedicated to blog finds and my wedding. 
9. I'm really nostalgic and think about my childhood all the time. I miss it. 
10. I used to be in musicals. I loved performing as long as I didn't have a big part ha! When I had solos and lines I would freak out.
11. I cry really easily, especially in movies. 
12.  I can't eat when scary things are happening. I can't eat if gross/scary things are being talked about or during scary movies. 
13. I love writing songs/poems. I don't write serious or deep poems, just silly poems for friends or songs about stupid boys.
14. My dream is to have a lake house somewhere back east. 
15. I love to dance. I dance like a dumb idiot (that was for you Elysse) but it's so fun. If I could pick on thing do one thing really well I would want to dance. 


  1. I like number 8, because I have the same exact thing, a whole folder in my favorites dedicated to blogs and wedding blogs and such. Scratch that I like them all. You are the best!

  2. I love this blogging idea and I think you look beautiful in that photo. Look at your dramatic eyes! You are gorgeous. I wanted you to know that I watched New York Minute today thanks to you, and LOVED it! So thank you. Also I totally relate about the shyness, I still feel sooo awkward around the girls I work with and it has been over a year since I started working there! I still feel like the new girl. I think it has something to do with being the only member of the church for the first time in my life. I cannot get used to that. I wish I had grown up in Maryland like you and then I would not feel so weird being the only Mormon!