Thursday, November 25, 2010

Booya Grandma (gramma)!!!

So grams here was being a little punk today. I was trying to take some Thanksgiving pictures with her and she was NOT cooperating. I told her that these pictures would hit the internet if she didn't stop. So here you go gramma. I warned you.  

 At least gramps will cooperate

 Got one with gramps after giving up on grams

 Gramma peaking through HAHAHA! At least she followed my direction that time. 

 Pretty much had to force this picture.

And of course I got one with Brooke. Holidays=don't do your hair. Looks like an explosion went on up there. yikes.
Don't mess grams!


  1. Your Nana isn't going to forgive you for this... you know that don't you? And your hair looks great! I love this look!!!