Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Runway Finale

So tonight was the finale! To celebrate we went over to my sister Lauren's friend Lauren's apartment (confusing). Lauren and I decided to dress up as contestants on the show for the big finale. Neither of us had a camera so I took a picture when I got home on my photobooth (lame).

Lauren chose Gretchen, and I decided to be Andy. The hair was so hard to get and you can't really see it in these pictures. Andy has a mohawk with crazy long extensions. I have a thick huge head of hair so it was challenging. I sported the one earring in my ear and the dark leather jacket. Sadly, my pants weren't black but they are practically the same exact style as his which I find hilarious (Lauren got them on her study abroad) I wish I had a better way to show pictures but this will have to do

Ps: I used base on my face for the first time in SO long. Andy has an airbrush machine that he uses to put on his makeup (HA!) so I felt it was appropriate to cake it on.

For obvious reasons I couldn't rock his low v-neck but I feel that I did pretty well with what I had in my apartment. These pictures don't do it justice but whatev. 


  1. hahaha so awesome! i'm sad i missed it, by the time my class got out it was too late... fail.

  2. YOU ARE SO COOL. why don't we hang out all the time??