Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Partay!

Tonight my aunt Chalise had a Halloween party at my house. It was so much fun! A bunch of the family  came so it was fun to see those cousins who I don't see as often.

My cousin Mike and aunt Lanise workin' it

Da best! Chuckie = Princess Lolly, Mike = Mr. Mint, Kate = Queen Frostine
For those who aren't familiar with children's board games we are characters from Candy Land.

Mr Mint in the classic pose. Get it Mike!                      
 Cutie Patootie! Lovin' it Chuckerini

Mike's a little jealous of my board position (he's one of the ones in the beginning of the game...too bad)

Queen Frostine is that card that everyone hopes to pick up while playing Candy Land. BOOM yeah!

Yes, this is my hair not a wig. It's absolutely disgusting right now. Now I know what gray will look like in a few decades

Chalise as Katniss from Hunger Games cutting her cake

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  1. Your costumes are AWESOME! I love it. I love that our family knows how to PARTAY! I wish we could've been there, Mike sent Klane this video of the band playing, Mike dancing in his Mr. Mint costume, and the bassist playing the bass behind his head. Hahahaha. SO awesome!