Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deal With It

I have pride issues. So, I've gone through the list of majors a hundred times at BYU. Every time I go through them I feel like I'm supposed to do something in the School of Family Life, but I won't let myself because I feel like I need to challenge myself more, people will make fun of me etc. Recently it just keeps coming to mind, even though I try to push it out. Nothing else seems to fit me as well as this does. I just have to get past my dumb issues. Last year my friend's brother was making fun of it, and I couldn't help but get really upset, even though that wasn't my major. I just feel like it's most suitable for what I want to do....I dunno. So you can judge me, think I'm stupid, think I have no goals in life and just want to get married...Go for it. Others do, and that's their problem. If you can't tell I'm a little passionate about this hahaha. Well anyway, I'm going to the SFL open house tonight which will hopefully seal the deal.

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  1. Kate, don't even worry about it! Everyone told me not to do my major because it wouldn't lead to any jobs, but I'm so glad I did because I LOVED my classes. And the more I see graduates getting jobs, I'm realizing that most of the time your major doesn't even matter that much. Just do what you like and what you think you'll be the best at!