Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Friend

My computer is being dumb and won't load pictures :( but "the show must got on" (thank you Freddie Mercury). Today is a special day. My baby friend is turning 20 today! Kaile has been my best friend since...? I seriously have no idea haha. I don't remember ever not knowing Kaile. We celebrated our second birthdays together (there is video documentation of this too) so my guess is we started playing together right when I moved to Maryland in August of 1991 at about 10 months or soon after. If you combine my younger siblings' ages it equals 18 which is less years than I've known Kaile for. Ok, you get the point. Kaile is the best friend anyone could have. She is always helping other people and is a great listener. She is willing to help anyone with a problem they might be having. She is such a fun person to be around. She is always making me laugh. She knows me better than almost anyone so she gets me really well (for some people that is a challenge).

We had curly fros
We would play "beat the boys" on Kaile's swings. Basically all you do is swing as high as you can in attempt to beat the invisible boys we were competing against.
We wore matching dresses in Kindergarten with bows in our hair.
Kaile and I were the disruptive children in primary. Sorry again Sister Beecroft. We thought we were cool,  but I guarantee that we were just obnoxious.
PP or AG? When ever we would go to each other's houses it would be Polly Pockets or American Girls dolls. When deciding we would say: "PP or AG?"
We took horseback riding lessons together for my last few years in Maryland. We had horse boyfriends and made up songs about them. We were weird...still are.
We did Calleva every summer together even after I moved to Utah.

I would write more but I have to go to work :( Love you Kaile!!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!

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