Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you go to BYU take Human Development from Larry Nelson

I LOVE my Human Development class! Today we watched 3 different births on video. I am the worst when it comes to blood, sliced flesh and needles. Although the c-section almost knocked me out, I really enjoyed the overall experience. Is it strange that watching it made me so excited to have my own children?(it won't be any time soon don't sweat) Even though it seems completely horrible, I can't wait. My teacher kept making jokes about pregnancy and was sharing the funniest stories about it. I wish I had that class every day. He has such a passion when he teaches, and he shares the most tender stories. He talked about holding his daughter for the first time today, and I was almost in tears (mind you I cry very easily...Finding Nemo still gets me every time. John Q? Yep, and I'm usually alone sobbing). This class makes me want to study all about Human Development. It is so fascinating! I love my school....great day!


  1. i took this class my first semester at byu, from him and absolutely loved it!! i still think about the things he taught us. he was a big reason why i went to romania. i am glad you like it too!

  2. KATE! i absolutely LOVED that class!!! Larry Nelson is amazing huh?! Glad you're in it :)