Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Denmark: Dragor Day 4

On my last day in Denmark we went to Dragor, the town that my ancestor Hans O. Magleby was from. I wish I would have known where to find his home or other things like that but I had no clue. Dragor was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I felt so connected to my ancestors and loved seeing where they were from. Dayna took some other pictures that are up on her blog if you want to check it out. 

There were boats everywhere at the dock. I don't know how they can get out on the water.
This shot would have been cooler without the people in it but oh well. 
I found this hilarious. It's a raft with couches and a grill. 
A cute house in Dragor.
There were so many cute alleys between the houses. 
Thatched roof is a must

Steve being all fatherly 
The main area of Dragor
My future home if I don't live in Camden, Maine hahaha
This sign made me happy for some reason. 
I thought this word was hilarious until I did google translator to find out that it means funeral. oops
Failed at being artsy with this shot but Jayne is so cute!
Baby Magleby is going to have to work really hard to be as cute as Jayne. Knowing Steve and Dayna their next one will probably be just as cute!
That's how the Danish people spell Copenhagen. 
My adorable niece
I forgot until this point in the trip that my mom's camera can take panoramic shots. I am sad I didn't take any in Copenhagen.
Another shot of Dragor
Can you read this sign? If you can't it says Magleby. Proof that I am Danish. The pronunciation is different there though. Magleby is pronounced Malibu. I wish we would have kept that pronunciation. We didn't get to visit Store Magleby (the inspiration for our last name) but we did have the cab driver pull over so I could get this picture haha. 
The train station at Chalottenlund. Those are Danish teenagers. They were dressed really fashionably so I tried to get a picture. I couldn't get the camera off of panoramic mode so I just had to do with this hahaha. 

Thanks so much Steve and Dayna for taking me around and showing me such a fun time! I loved getting to spend time with you guys. I miss you so much! I'll be back though don't you worry. First I'll get myself some lace up wellies and a fur vest so I can fit in better. I hope you guys are having a great time in Denmark!

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