Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chuckie's Wedding is Famous

My sister is a total babe and her wedding was featured on Martha Stewart's website!! I'm more excited by the fact that my face is on Martha's website!!!! For those of you who don't know (which is probably few) I am obsessed with Martha Stewart! It may be unhealthy but I don't care. To give you an idea of how extreme my fascination is, my friends and I played MASH one time last year (Hahaha yes we were in college) and one of the choices they put as my future spouse was Martha Stewart. That may have been too much to share haha, but whatever you get the point.

Lauren's wedding was beautiful! I'm glad we can finally put pictures up of it. We had to wait until they were featured on Martha's website. I'll let Lauren have the fun of putting them up but here's one to start with:

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  1. This is really the coolest thing ever. No, YOU are the coolest thing ever, in that photo. I am so glad that moment was captured on film. That dance was AWESOME. You guys rock. Also I think it is awesome that your face is on Martha's website. Once again, COOLEST THING EVER!