Sunday, September 26, 2010


I had to work all day yesterday so this post is a day late. Yesterday my sister Lauren turned 24....ew. HA just kidding that's not even old, but it's weird to think about. Here are some of the many fabulous things about Chuck (Laur)

-She is equally as weird as me, if not weirder

-We have photo shoots...wish I had our sophisticated laughing picture to put up

-She's my only biological sister. Growing up I'd tell her she was my favorite sister to get her to be nice to me. She'd say that she was my only sister, and I was shot down. Now I say that she's my favorite biological sister. For some reason that sounds a lot cooler. Wish I had some of the other pictures of us in these Easter dresses. We have HILARIOUS ones.

She appreciates the same things as me and shares a lot of the same interests with me. Woops how did this picture get on here?

 She lets people walk all over her hahaha get it? That is a lie by the way. Chuckie is very generous though and is always helping others out.

The camera loves her

She is very creative and has so many awesome ideas. She planned her wedding down to every last detail, and it was stunning.

 -She's a great listener and always has great advice for me.

This picture was taken in the same room that our karaoke video was shot in. Lauren and I thought we didn't have any video documentation of our childhood. We were wrong, very wrong. We found old videos and watched them. Lauren and I danced and sang karaoke in here, and it is the best representation of our childhood...and kinda now. We still dance and sing all the time, same moves and all...ok hopefully not actually.

Happy birthday Chuckie! Yay 24! Like I always say: "27 is is the peak of fertility" You've still got a few good years left in you ;)

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  1. These pictures are so awesome! Hahahaha! You're such a good sister to do a bday post for Laur. Awwww.... ;)