Friday, August 13, 2010

Pop, Lock and Drop It

About 4 1/2 years ago I got hit in the jaw playing basketball. Ever since that fabulous moment I have had a popping/locking jaw that just loves to tense up on me. If I chew gum it ends up getting really tense to the point where it is really uncomfortable. I don't know if you like chewing gum but I quite enjoy it. Most of the time my gum chewing doesn't last very long though. I had a dentist appointment the other day and decided to mention how my jaw has been acting up lately. We scheduled another appointment and this is what went down...

I got hooked up to these intense wires that caused and electrical pulse to hit my jaw every other second.....FOR AN HOUR! I had to sit straight up and stare at the wall while alone in a room. At least I got some good thinking time in. Oh and I forgot to mention that I couldn't close my eyes and just relax because every time the pulse went off it made my eyes twitch....Good stuff! At the end of it the dentist came in and cranked up the intensity of the machine while he examined....YEEESH.

After the machine the assistant put this mold in my mouth that was acrylic. You know what a nail salon smells like? Imagine the smell of that as the taste in my mouth and you got it. YUM! The final result......drum roll please.....

This is my new constant companion. I get to wear it 24/7 :) Don't tell Dr. L that it fell out of my mouth when I was sleeping last night....Anyway I now have this really cute lisp. I'm sure to get all the guys with this bad boy in. Supposedly it will prevent me from biting down all the way which will relax my joint and move it or something like that which will hopefully start to fix it...This could be a long process. It'll be worth it though!


  1. don't ever apologize for posting twice ever again :) that retainer ish thing is hottttttt. it was so fun chatting with you the other day. let's do it more often.

  2. Thanks for this insight into how people feel when I take impressions on them. I didn't know I was inflicting such torture! :) Your mouth guard is sexy.