Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Summer Term You Will Be Missed

I had such a fun time at BYU this summer! I'm sad it's over but happy to be done with American Heritage! Here are some fun memories of summer term. They are really poor quality because I snagged them off of facebook. I wish I would have taken pictures of everything I did!

Sammy's on one of the first nights

Ice blocking...(Later that night Nicole fell asleep with an ice block as a pillow hahaha)

Love these girls!

We had an awesome ward! This is the campfire that caused my entire room to smell like smoke for the rest of the term even after I washed everything!

Had some fun times with this group.

Helping Elysse and Nicole with their pranks.

I LOVE Nicole! I'm so sad we won't be living together in the fall! If only we would have known each other sooner! She's so fun!

We had a great Relief Society in the ward! I'm sad I only got to teach once!

We creep.

I attended a few of the ward softball games. Our team was awesome and made it to the championship.

Swimming....I'll miss these boys.

I am too cool for Charlie's Angels pose....sorry guys!

So many fun memories that weren't documented:

-Titanic....Nicole got a little into it...."I'll be ok." HAHA!
-Tulips and cranapple juice fiasco
-learning the dance for National Dance Day with Nicole
-Nicole's hilarious stories that make me laugh harder than I have in a really long time
-hot dog Fridays at the Liberty Square pool
-swimming at my house
-trip to Sundance lift that ended once we saw the ridiculous line
-game night playing curses
-karaoke night
-dinner at Elysse's sister's
-binding my quilt every time I watched a movie/had people over in the living room.
-grocery trips with the room mates
-cruisin in the convertible
-basketball games with my high school friends
-my first friend bachelorette party...I am awkward
-reunions with old friends
-watching scary movies on the laptop at the park
-staying up way too late
-BSB and JB concerts
-all the family stuff that went on
and many more that aren't coming to me at the moment

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  1. Ahhhh, college days. So fun! Glad you're enjoying it.