Sunday, August 29, 2010

Denmark: Copenhagen Day 2

This past week I had the opportunity to go to Denmark. My brother Steve has moved out there to play soccer so I helped Dayna and Jayne move out to Denmark. I had such a great time! We got to Denmark at about 3:30 pm on Tuesday. We stayed with my mom's cousin RaChel and her family. After we got all the bags into the house we decided to walk over to the town Hellerup. We got dinner there and walked around. It was so beautiful I wish I had taken my camera :( It was a fun way to start the trip and it just got better from there. 

Here's Jaynie ready to go out on our second day there. 

Steve-o and I waiting for the train in Charlottenlund (the town we stayed in)

 Central Station: I love the architecture! 

Chandelier in the train station.

In Denmark the majority of people ride bikes. There are bikers EVERYWHERE.
If you look up to the left you see the hanging street lights. I thought they were really cool.
Copenhagen is such a cool city. I loved all of the old buildings.
One of the entrances to the the theme park Tivoli. This theme park was the inspiration for Disney Land.
Dayna and I in front of one of the Tivoli entrances. 
In Denmark their greeting is hej which is pronounced hi. If you say hi when greeting Danish people they will assume you speak Danish. I made this mistake and the cashier started talking to me in Danish. I have now learned to say hello that way they know I speak English.

There are the coolest buildings all over!

More bikes

People leave their babies outside of stores while they shop.  Pretty sure Dayna won't be following that norm hahaha

Jaynie and I strolling down the Stroget.

A cool fountain
The original Christus statue in the Cathedral of Copenhagen that the Salt Lake visitor center modeled after.

Outside the Cathedral of Copenhagen
Dayna and I wanted to try smorrebrod a Danish food. Big mistake! It was horrible! We got the kind with herring and we about died. Note the fish's head in the left corner.

I LOVE this building!

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  1. It's so beautiful! And oh my gosh, that fish sandwich! Yuck! Hahaha. Glad you're having such a fun trip! (wait are you home already?) Thats awesome you got to go out to help them with the move.