Monday, August 30, 2010

Denmark: Christiania and Nyhavn Day 3

We started out the day in Christiania, a hippie town that has their own laws. It's basically its own little country. They don't allow you to take pictures there but it was pretty crazy. They were just selling pot on the street. This is a picture of the entrance. 

Later we headed over to Nyhavn. It was such a cute little area. There was live music playing on the dock and cute restaurants and stores. 

Jaynie had a little bit of a hard time with the time change. 

Me in Nyhavn

In Danish i fart means in motion. It said this on an elevator and Dayna and I thought it was hilarious.

After a fun day of sightseeing we headed back to the Moran's. We jumped on the trampoline and played with the soccer ball. Jaynie is so dang cute! I miss her so much already!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Denmark: Copenhagen Day 2

This past week I had the opportunity to go to Denmark. My brother Steve has moved out there to play soccer so I helped Dayna and Jayne move out to Denmark. I had such a great time! We got to Denmark at about 3:30 pm on Tuesday. We stayed with my mom's cousin RaChel and her family. After we got all the bags into the house we decided to walk over to the town Hellerup. We got dinner there and walked around. It was so beautiful I wish I had taken my camera :( It was a fun way to start the trip and it just got better from there. 

Here's Jaynie ready to go out on our second day there. 

Steve-o and I waiting for the train in Charlottenlund (the town we stayed in)

 Central Station: I love the architecture! 

Chandelier in the train station.

In Denmark the majority of people ride bikes. There are bikers EVERYWHERE.
If you look up to the left you see the hanging street lights. I thought they were really cool.
Copenhagen is such a cool city. I loved all of the old buildings.
One of the entrances to the the theme park Tivoli. This theme park was the inspiration for Disney Land.
Dayna and I in front of one of the Tivoli entrances. 
In Denmark their greeting is hej which is pronounced hi. If you say hi when greeting Danish people they will assume you speak Danish. I made this mistake and the cashier started talking to me in Danish. I have now learned to say hello that way they know I speak English.

There are the coolest buildings all over!

More bikes

People leave their babies outside of stores while they shop.  Pretty sure Dayna won't be following that norm hahaha

Jaynie and I strolling down the Stroget.

A cool fountain
The original Christus statue in the Cathedral of Copenhagen that the Salt Lake visitor center modeled after.

Outside the Cathedral of Copenhagen
Dayna and I wanted to try smorrebrod a Danish food. Big mistake! It was horrible! We got the kind with herring and we about died. Note the fish's head in the left corner.

I LOVE this building!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


My dream house is in Camden, Maine. Last summer we stayed across the street from this house, and I absolutely LOVED it! Maine is so beautiful!
Here is Max last summer. How amazing is this??

Just keeping it real

I want to go back so badly! Most summers we head out to Vermont. This summer we didn't get the chance to. My summers are not the same without Peacham, Vermont. I love it there! Last summer we drove from Vermont up to Maine which is where these lovelies were taken. Vermont is my favorite place in the world to visit. I hoping to make it there next summer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pop, Lock and Drop It

About 4 1/2 years ago I got hit in the jaw playing basketball. Ever since that fabulous moment I have had a popping/locking jaw that just loves to tense up on me. If I chew gum it ends up getting really tense to the point where it is really uncomfortable. I don't know if you like chewing gum but I quite enjoy it. Most of the time my gum chewing doesn't last very long though. I had a dentist appointment the other day and decided to mention how my jaw has been acting up lately. We scheduled another appointment and this is what went down...

I got hooked up to these intense wires that caused and electrical pulse to hit my jaw every other second.....FOR AN HOUR! I had to sit straight up and stare at the wall while alone in a room. At least I got some good thinking time in. Oh and I forgot to mention that I couldn't close my eyes and just relax because every time the pulse went off it made my eyes twitch....Good stuff! At the end of it the dentist came in and cranked up the intensity of the machine while he examined....YEEESH.

After the machine the assistant put this mold in my mouth that was acrylic. You know what a nail salon smells like? Imagine the smell of that as the taste in my mouth and you got it. YUM! The final result......drum roll please.....

This is my new constant companion. I get to wear it 24/7 :) Don't tell Dr. L that it fell out of my mouth when I was sleeping last night....Anyway I now have this really cute lisp. I'm sure to get all the guys with this bad boy in. Supposedly it will prevent me from biting down all the way which will relax my joint and move it or something like that which will hopefully start to fix it...This could be a long process. It'll be worth it though!

Oh Summer Term You Will Be Missed

I had such a fun time at BYU this summer! I'm sad it's over but happy to be done with American Heritage! Here are some fun memories of summer term. They are really poor quality because I snagged them off of facebook. I wish I would have taken pictures of everything I did!

Sammy's on one of the first nights

Ice blocking...(Later that night Nicole fell asleep with an ice block as a pillow hahaha)

Love these girls!

We had an awesome ward! This is the campfire that caused my entire room to smell like smoke for the rest of the term even after I washed everything!

Had some fun times with this group.

Helping Elysse and Nicole with their pranks.

I LOVE Nicole! I'm so sad we won't be living together in the fall! If only we would have known each other sooner! She's so fun!

We had a great Relief Society in the ward! I'm sad I only got to teach once!

We creep.

I attended a few of the ward softball games. Our team was awesome and made it to the championship.

Swimming....I'll miss these boys.

I am too cool for Charlie's Angels pose....sorry guys!

So many fun memories that weren't documented:

-Titanic....Nicole got a little into it...."I'll be ok." HAHA!
-Tulips and cranapple juice fiasco
-learning the dance for National Dance Day with Nicole
-Nicole's hilarious stories that make me laugh harder than I have in a really long time
-hot dog Fridays at the Liberty Square pool
-swimming at my house
-trip to Sundance lift that ended once we saw the ridiculous line
-game night playing curses
-karaoke night
-dinner at Elysse's sister's
-binding my quilt every time I watched a movie/had people over in the living room.
-grocery trips with the room mates
-cruisin in the convertible
-basketball games with my high school friends
-my first friend bachelorette party...I am awkward
-reunions with old friends
-watching scary movies on the laptop at the park
-staying up way too late
-BSB and JB concerts
-all the family stuff that went on
and many more that aren't coming to me at the moment