Saturday, June 26, 2010

Power to the Peak

Some days I really miss high school basketball. I quit at the beginning of senior year a few weeks into school. My quitting story is pretty amazing, but I'm not sure it's blog appropriate, so if you're ever curious let me know. My senior year was amazing, and I'm so glad I still got to remain close to the team as a manager. Some days I worry that I made the wrong choice in quitting, but then I look back and think about how amazing my senior year was and feel that it was right for me. Sorry I'm just taking a ride down memory lane.

Sophomore Year

Picture scavenger hunt. (I thought I was cool)

Megs and I made the all tournament team. I was very shocked. (not by Megan making it, she's pro)

Phoenix roomies


Found a team of black girls who wanted to take a picture. One girl says "I need a white girl." and grabbed Dalene. Then she turns to her and goes: "Pop it." SO funny! Dalene is in the maroon sweatshirt haha.

Team cheer. If you look carefully you can see my flipper I had to wear for tendonitis hahahaha I hate that thing and still have to wear it when my foot really acts up.

My face!! Embarrassing but best times

SO thankful for the time I had playing for Lone Peak

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