Sunday, June 20, 2010


This weekend was the 22nd annual Porter Cousins' Camp! I had so much fun with my family! We started out by going to Park City to ride the alpine slide. After that we headed up to the cabin for dinner and games. Uncle Ken set up a version of Minute to Win It that was so much fun! I had to pull out an entire box of tissues with one hand in a minute for mine. It was so fun to be able to chat with all of the aunts/uncles and cousins. We definitely have a lot. The weirdest part of camp was that I was the oldest non-married cousin in attendance! When did that happen? Saturday we hiked to Stewart Falls then came back for some World Cup and a service project for the children at Primary Children's. I love my crazy family. I swear at every family gathering there is a new addition. I love it! You think I would have learned my lesson by now to get ready in the summer. Nope.

Me with just a handful of my cousins. Seriously, tons of the cousins are missing. Lots had to head out after the first day so this was the group that stayed for all of camp. Kinda sad but it was still a blast.

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