Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bridesmaid Brunch

DEAR LIZZIE HAS THE BEST SCONES EVER!!!!!! From that comment you can tell that the brunch was a success. It was so fun meeting up with all of the bridesmaids and just having a little girl outing. We had great conversation (we talked about Biggest Loser so of course it was great!) and enjoyed the cute table settings and perfect store!

Mom and I take the dorkiest pictures

Me with my fav Dayna
Just being sly
After the brunch we went and got our nails done. Before we went in I joked with Lauren saying that I ALWAYS get the guy when I get my nails done. We were led back to our seats to get pedicures and who sits in front of me to do my toes? Oh just the ONLY guy working at the salon! The funny thing is he came to me while Lauren, my mom and Josephine waited for the ladies to finish up the other girls. I was sitting in the middle. You think he would have gone to my mom or Josie who were sitting on the end.
Thanks mom and Lauren!!! It was such a blast!

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