Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in Town

Let the anxiety/stress return! I'm back in school for summer term. I'm taking on American Heritage after putting it off for 2 semesters. I'm excited to get it over with but am nervous for how fast the course is going to go. It will be so fun though because I'm living with these two:

I'm really excited to be back at BYU! Maybe this will be the semester where I figure out my major...probably not, but I still have the tiniest bit of hope.

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  1. Dear Kate, I am a friend of Traci Pinegar Magleby (we went on London Study Abroad together back in 1991) and I clicked onto your blog from her blog... and now i feel like I am cyber stalking you so I thought I'd better introduce myself! I have 3 children and my girls think you are *sooooooo beautiful*, and they are just in love with your sister Josie, she is the cutest thing ever and they keep oohing and aahing over all your dresses :) Anyway I thought I'd just let you know I love your blog and feel free to check us out too xx Suzy PS I'm a french teacher, I collect vintage clothing and I like jogging (well no, I like it once i've done it, but not so much while I am plodding along). I served a mission in Bordeaux, France and my husband is from Montreal. I am YW Pres in our ward here i Christchurch NZ... That's about it!
    PS good luck with finding a major - I went to byu and it took me at least 2 yrs to work out what I wanted to do/be...