Saturday, June 26, 2010

Power to the Peak

Some days I really miss high school basketball. I quit at the beginning of senior year a few weeks into school. My quitting story is pretty amazing, but I'm not sure it's blog appropriate, so if you're ever curious let me know. My senior year was amazing, and I'm so glad I still got to remain close to the team as a manager. Some days I worry that I made the wrong choice in quitting, but then I look back and think about how amazing my senior year was and feel that it was right for me. Sorry I'm just taking a ride down memory lane.

Sophomore Year

Picture scavenger hunt. (I thought I was cool)

Megs and I made the all tournament team. I was very shocked. (not by Megan making it, she's pro)

Phoenix roomies


Found a team of black girls who wanted to take a picture. One girl says "I need a white girl." and grabbed Dalene. Then she turns to her and goes: "Pop it." SO funny! Dalene is in the maroon sweatshirt haha.

Team cheer. If you look carefully you can see my flipper I had to wear for tendonitis hahahaha I hate that thing and still have to wear it when my foot really acts up.

My face!! Embarrassing but best times

SO thankful for the time I had playing for Lone Peak

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Larger Than Life

Prepare yourself for WAY too many pictures of the Backstreet Boys.

So for my 20th birthday I asked my mom for Backstreet Boys tickets. Yes, my birthday is in October, but who would pass up a chance to see Brian Littrell!? My request was granted because I have the coolest mom ever! It was very appropriate that I went to this concert with Sophie because she was the one who introduced me to the Backstreet Boys back in about 2nd grade. So here is the AWESOME story of our night:

Sophie and I walked into the Energy Solutions Arena and went to portal f because our tickets said f2. We were pumped because we thought we were on the front row of the side. Turns out we were wrong, very wrong. We went to the usher to ask where our seats were. He told us we were on the floor! We were pumped and thought that f2 meant we were in the front row of the second section of floor seats, wrong again. After we received our pink wrist bands for the floor we asked another usher where our seats were exactly. We were led to the FRONT ROW where we received blue wrist bands that you only get if you're on the front row!! So great!! I'm glad it was a surprise and find it actually hilarious that we didn't realize that we were on the front row sooner.

The entrance

Power stance

Throwin' in the boy band moves

He pulled faces like this all night. At one point we were singing "I Want It That Way" to each other NO LIE!!

AJ gettin pics of the crowd

Backstreet Boys meet Alvin and the Chipmunks. What are they wearing??

Yes, I did touch his right shoulder.

The passion just radiates from his eyes

To answer your question, yes the Backstreet Boys spank each other on stage.

During "Shape of My Heart" HAHAHA

Sorry Nick, no one rocks the man scarf like Michael Johns

But I still love you


See, Howie was there, and might I add that he was looking goooood! When I was little I was against his slick pony tail, but now I come to see that Howie is a babe!

 The end :(

My apologies to Howie and AJ, I just love Brian and Nick. It was a different experience with Kevin out of the band, but it still was THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

PS. I love how AJ is balding and how the boys would address the crowd as ladies!

I took this video while trying to dance and sing along. I didn't realize that when I turned it sideways the movie would be sideways so my bad. There were tons more movies but this one was the best quality.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big E

Today my dad is in Denmark. Family dinner was kinda sad because all the fathers (Steve, my dad, and Jed) were absent. So our Fathers Day was spent with all the girls + Kwasi gathered around. We had fun but missed the dads.

My dad is hilarious. He's a subtle hilarious though, and you have to know him to see it in full effect. He is a man of few words but when he gets talking it's so great. My dad is incredibly generous. He is always finding ways to serve others. My dad works very hard and has set a great example for us. He is always encouraging us to do things that we are passionate about and to be creative/unique. I love my dad!


This weekend was the 22nd annual Porter Cousins' Camp! I had so much fun with my family! We started out by going to Park City to ride the alpine slide. After that we headed up to the cabin for dinner and games. Uncle Ken set up a version of Minute to Win It that was so much fun! I had to pull out an entire box of tissues with one hand in a minute for mine. It was so fun to be able to chat with all of the aunts/uncles and cousins. We definitely have a lot. The weirdest part of camp was that I was the oldest non-married cousin in attendance! When did that happen? Saturday we hiked to Stewart Falls then came back for some World Cup and a service project for the children at Primary Children's. I love my crazy family. I swear at every family gathering there is a new addition. I love it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Surprise Dance

Dayna and I choreographed this dance a few weeks ago and had some friends and family learn it to perform for Lauren at the wedding. I had the idea for this way back in the beginning months of her study abroad so we've been keeping this a secret for about 8 months or so. It turned out really well considering the only people in my family who can dance are either adopted or married in. It was so fun doing this and I'm so glad we surprised her! For those of you who don't know Mike (the groom) is the guy coming through the middle of the two lines after the two kiddies. In the beginning he pretended like he was surprised but if you look closely you can see when he pops on the sunglasses and joins us. Good work Mike. You can hear Lauren's reactions throughout the dance. Love it! Wish you could see her reaction to it! Hope you all like it!

Bridesmaid Brunch

DEAR LIZZIE HAS THE BEST SCONES EVER!!!!!! From that comment you can tell that the brunch was a success. It was so fun meeting up with all of the bridesmaids and just having a little girl outing. We had great conversation (we talked about Biggest Loser so of course it was great!) and enjoyed the cute table settings and perfect store!

Mom and I take the dorkiest pictures

Me with my fav Dayna
Just being sly
After the brunch we went and got our nails done. Before we went in I joked with Lauren saying that I ALWAYS get the guy when I get my nails done. We were led back to our seats to get pedicures and who sits in front of me to do my toes? Oh just the ONLY guy working at the salon! The funny thing is he came to me while Lauren, my mom and Josephine waited for the ladies to finish up the other girls. I was sitting in the middle. You think he would have gone to my mom or Josie who were sitting on the end.
Thanks mom and Lauren!!! It was such a blast!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

Please look at my dad's face! SO GREAT!

Words cannot describe this day. I, being the emotional wreck that I am, totally overflowed with the tears. No shock there though. I am so happy! Josephine has been sealed to my family forever and I was able to witness it. I have been blessed with that unique opportunity and am so thankful for it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lady Buggin

Yesterday was the second year that we put lady bugs all over our garden. It got a little crazy with lady bugs crawling all up our arms but it was really fun. Max turned to my mom and asked "why are they called lady bugs? They should be called manly bugs." haha Max is cute

Threatening Max

Mom loves

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big 49

Today is mom's birthday! She is now 49, one year away from 50! I have the best mom ever. I don't even know how to describe it. She is the most generous person I know. She is always giving and helping other people. She is hilarious and loves to have a good time. She is a great friend and listener. Mom is an amazing cook and teaches me so much. She is always busy doing something, and she still finds time to do everything that she does for us. I am so blessed to have her as my mother.

How cute are these two lovers?