Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's been a year since my senior prom. WOAH! That is so weird! I just wanted to post about it because I just realized that now and thought it was crazy!!!!

Dayna was nice enough to get some photos before I left. Just workin it. Haha!

I got to go with my best friend Caleb! It was SO fun!


  1. You make such a cute couple! I love your dress-- it's amazing! Did your mom make it? (She's so talented, that girl...) You look absolutely radiant! So pretty.

    That Dayna is such a good photographer... (I can't believe the shots she gets of baby Jayne!)

  2. this is so funny because i just got back from helping my brother's girlfriend get ready for prom and it brought back all the memories from when i went with mike! five years ago... your dress was beautiful! how is caleb doing?

  3. Thanks so much! My mom put the sleeves on it but I bought the dress. Caleb is doing great! He just got to Ecuador last week. The language is still giving him a little trouble but he's working at it. Big culture change for him haha. I can't believe your prom was 5 years ago. It makes sense though because Mike has already been home for 2 years right? That is crazy!

  4. It was SO FUN taking these pictures!! You look hot!!