Saturday, May 15, 2010

Josephine Anna Magleby

Miss thang turned 9 the other day! She is probably the funniest 9 year old girl out there. She get's her groove on on the dance floor and there is no holding back. When you give her choreography she's blowin it, but when it's freestyle, and just Josie and the music she is workin it. SO FUNNY! She is such a fun girl to have around. She's really helpful and loves to try new things. She loves to do fun things with me. She loves crafts and baking. We dance, paint our nails, watch girl movies (Aquamarine/Pollyanna) and have sleepovers! I can't wait for next month when we will be sealed to her in the temple FINALLY! She is such a joy in our home and makes everything more fun and sassy.


  1. The other Magleby's agree completely! She is the most helpful, grateful, fun and sassy girl around! WE LOVE JOSEPHINE!

  2. She is just beautiful. How lucky she is to have you as a big sis!