Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Diaries of Monette

Those are my mom's journals. I found them today after cleaning for my mom. I snuck upstairs and read them for hours. I absolutely loved it! I have the most amazing mom ever. It's so remarkable how similar our situations have been. Most of what happened in her life just happened 30 years before they happened to me. I loved reading about her dating my dad and him leaving on his mission. She talked about what it was like while he was gone and challenges that she had to face aside from that. I even read my birth story (a different journal than the one from before my dad's mission don't worry). I was such a good journal keeper my first semester of college, then Christmas break came, and I slacked. It was such a relief first semester though. That's how I got out every emotion I was feeling. I can definitely say that freshman year of college was the hardest year of my life. It wasn't even the academics that got me down. I had to deal with a lot of different challenges. Although some of my challenges have been different than my mom's, it was such a comfort to me to read my mom's journal and know that during her freshman year of college she had challenges as well. I loved how she bore testimony of the gospel often throughout her entries. She put her faith in the Lord to overcome her difficulties. I am so glad that I pulled her journals out today. I stress about the future sometimes. Ok, that's a lie, I stress about the future ALL THE TIME! I feel so much pressure and have no idea what's going to happen or who I am going to become. I know it will come to me but for now it's such a burden. I'm thankful for my mom's example of enduring hard times of doubt and confusion. I read about my mom having to decide between two guys, one being my dad when he came home from his mission. I am so glad that she picked my dad! I loved seeing how she thought things out and solved major problems. I just love my mom!!


  1. that is amazing kate. i loved reading this post! you'll figure your major out. and with whatever you decide to do you will be awesome!

  2. kate i love this post. you better tell your mom to read it- she would appreciate reading this!!

  3. What a sweet post-- not only do you have such an incredible mom, you really appreciate her and her amazing example! I'm sure that someday you'll be just as wonderful and accomplished as she is! (Journals are such wonderful keepsakes...)