Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Happenings

This weekend we had a family get together. We decorated peanut butter eggs at grandma and grandpa Porter's, and the kids had and Easter egg hunt.

Grandpa loves to take pictures of everything at our family events. He went around taking pictures of all of our eggs. I sometimes worry about what he does with the candid shots of me. He'll snap a shot when I'm in the middle of saying something or when I have my mouth wide open yawning. I'd love to figure out where he puts all of them.

Here is grandpa taking a picture of Max wiping his hands. Hahaha I love grandpa Porter.

After the hunt I headed to Alpine to chat with this lovely girl as she got ready for prom. This is my beautiful cousin Sophie. She is the best! I'm so excited to live with her next year! Anyway here she is with her boyfriend Zach. They are the cutest!


  1. I adore your Grandpa Porter (as well as your Grandpa Magleby)! I took a couple of religion classes from him at BYU-- amazing scholar and man. My brother and I took one of his classes together (my maiden name was Phillips) and your Grandpa Porter used to call us the "Phillips double-header." He's a sweetheart.

    You really should find out where he puts all of those funny, candid pictures of you! What if he has a secret Facebook account that's devoted to the many adventures of all of his cute grandchildren? Haha. Funny man.

  2. PS- your cousin Sophie is darling! How fun that you two get to live together next year!